Accademia Filarmonica del Mediterraneo

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Festival Pianistico Internazionale del Mediterraneo 2023

Il Pianoforte come non l'hai mai visto!

From the 13th to the 18th of November 2023, we have had masterclasses with legendary instructors William Grant Naboré and Alessandro Deljavan, and concerts that featured the pianoforte in all of its forms.

From a solo piano recital to dance, actor and pianist; piano as a solo instrument and orchestra; and piano in chamber music, we have presented this instrument in ways you have never seen at once!

Il Solista e l'Orchestra...

Masterclass in Photos with the Orchestra Filarmonica del Mediterraneo

Il Solista e l'Orchestra is an opportunity for every student to play as a soloist with the Orchestra Filarmonica del Mediterraneo, directed by Maestro Giuseppe Monopoli